When You Feel Uneasy

It is currently almost midnight as I am writing this. It was such a long day and I’m so exhausted. Although there were some ups and downs through the day I wanted to finally rest, but my mind is so awake I just can’t sleep. That is when I went onto YouTube and searched for…

Diving Into The Lyrics

How’s it going everyone! I’ve always been very fond of Tyler Joseph‘s songwriting. The difference between the lyrics and how the song sounds and is put together it’s just so pretty damn amazing. There are some songs that are literally so deep and so truthful yet sound so hyped and cheerful. Here I am to…

Bedtime Lullabies

Whether it is insomnia, depression, paranoia, or just a hot summer day keeping you wide awake at night here is a list of songs that can help you sleep!

What I’ve Been Listening To Lately

I am always so happy to share some songs I’ve been jamming to so here’s a short list of songs I have kept on repeat lately. “Monster” by dodie “Bandito” by Twenty One Pilots “Algorithm” by Muse “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle ft. Erin Mccarley “lovely” by Billie Eilish ft. Khalid “Ordinary World” by…

100 Reasons To Stay Alive

You are enough. You are worth so much more than you think. Here’s a list of some things that I think are worth sticking around for.