Monterey Bay!

I am beyond happy with how I spent my vacation. My family and I left Utah to see my older sister’s graduation at the California State University of Monterey Bay. I’m so proud of her getting to this point and finishing her journey!

Apparently, the weather had forecasted rain throughout the whole week my family and I would be in Seaside including some heavy showers during the graduation. It sort of bummed me out. Either way, we still went off on our 14-hour journey!

St. George, UT

Once we hit this city we know we’re nearly halfway to our destination! I, personally really enjoy the drive down to the bottom tip of Utah. The view of the rocky mountains and canyons are so amazing!

I always get excited to take our first rest stop at McDonald’s for breakfast. My choice to get is always some mcgriddles with a mocha frappe. Yummy!

Porterville, CA

Ah, Porterville the fucken town I wish to never live there again. I hate that town with a strong passion (though I am thankful for the actual good memories I’ve made when I lived there). As much as I wanted to spend the day two of my closest friends my dad planned to only spend the night.

The following morning, I invited my friends to have breakfast with me. It felt good to hang out with them once again like old times though one of us wasn’t there (our third bestie lives in Arizona). Hopefully, I can visit her one day and explore with her.

I didn’t get to stay that long with them I had to get back on the road towards Seaside.

Salinas, CA

Finally. Feeling the coolness of the sea breeze felt so refreshing and God the smell of the salty air is so great! I really missed it so much.

Those endless crop fields make it look so aesthetically pleasing! Whilst driving through the mountains (I think it was called Pacheco Pass) it was raining very heavily. It kind of freaked me out. I trust my dad’s driving so it wasn’t that bad.

When we headed closer to town it amazed me by how many forests there was in that area. It surely made me want to go hiking! God, I wish I took more photos to show you though unfortunately, they didn’t come out that great since taking pictures whilst in a car isn’t much fun for me.

Marina, CA

Well goddamn, we made it. My sister and her boyfriend met us at the hotel. It was so great to see them again! Even our nephew was so excited to see her he’s so cute. I think it’s been about a couple months since I’ve last seen her which was for my grandpa’s funeral.

The hotel where we stayed in was pretty great honestly, it had a small pool/ hot tub (even though the beach was literally a couple steps away. I thought that was pretty funny.

Marina State Beach, CA

Later that day we all took a small walk across the street to walk on the beach until the sun had set. The beauty of the ocean surely is one hell of a gift from mother nature.

Times like these made me miss living in LA we would go to the Santa Monica pier as often as we could and just walk around having a good time. There are times when I wish I could just sit on the bench take out my laptop and just write my stories.

Even when the freezing air stung I wouldn’t trade this moment with my family for the world.

CSU Monterey Bay, CA

I am so proud of how much my oldest sister has achieved whilst attending CSUMB. After seeing her break down from stress to watching her walk up the stage during the graduation was just wonderful. I can’t explain how much she and her boyfriend have helped our family.

Though like most siblings are we fight, we argue, and we say things we shouldn’t but at the end of the day, we’re all here to support each other with as much as we can. And up to this moment, we’re all so grateful for what we’ve been given.

Unfortunately, my time in California is now over and it’s back to reality. Going back to work so I can pay my rent and the dumb bills like always. Though I absolutely can not wait until I am able to head back down to the coast to hopefully get a group family photo that I’ve always dreamed of taking.

What I love right now!

Take care!


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