Eyes: to see what this life has in store for me. To watch the ones I love to grow and grow into powerful, kind beings.

Ears: to hear songs that will ignite my will to keep going. To hear the one I love to say how much I mean to them.

Hands: to feel the soft skin of the love of my life. To touch the warm sand on the beach. To feel the coldness of the ocean as the sun sets upon the horizon.

Mouth: to tell those how much I love them. To say what is right from wrong. Taste all the food from different cultures.

Heart: to one day give to my soulmate. Or when the time comes to donate to someone who would need it more than I do.

This is me.

Vivan. The lone soul who came into this world just like yourself to wander around and explore what life has to offer.

So what if this may be a lonely, tough, and cruel world but it’s the only place I would rather be. There will always be better days to look forward to we’re all just another day closer into finding our happily ever after!

If that even exists.

And from the beautiful words of Sleeping At Last I will sing,

How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.

Take care!


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