The Introverted Extrovert

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

An introvert is someone who likes to keep to themselves, stay alone for periods of time, enjoy their time alone.

An extrovert is someone who loves to be a social butterfly! The kind of person who puts themselves out there; an overtly expressive person to be exact.

In my life, I’ve met so many varieties of people who are very energetic to the core, those who like to be alone with their book or small group of friends, and those who like to have some alone time, but also be social with others.

To me, I sort of feed off of people’s energy. Meaning if I am hanging around with a group who are hyped about doing something exciting I would feel the same though if the majority were feeling bummed or bored about anything then I wouldn’t feel motivated to do anything at all.

Some people think that just because you are one doesn’t mean you can be the other. Well, little Cindy you can! You don’t have to stick to a label you are your own person be social if you’d like whilst having some alone time.

Though if by any chance you have a very close friend or colleague who spends the majority of their time alone. It would be nice to check up on them every once in a while just to make sure they are okay or not going through something on their own.

It’s good to let people know you would be there for them through thick and thin.

Thanks for everyone reading my blogs and sticking around! I appreciate you all! Thanks for supporting this blog in any way possible.

Take care!


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  1. lemonjooz says:

    Hi, I “reblogged” your post but all links and resources will point back directly to your site. Hope that’s ok. I’m searching for those blogs that resonate with me as per my “sticky post.”

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    1. Yeah it’s perfectly fine with me☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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