100 Reasons To Stay Alive

I have been fighting with my mental illness for about 8 years now and throughout last year I have realized that there is so much I can do to improve my mental health so one of the things I have done was count my blessings.

I am very fortunate enough to have been able to resolve most of my life’s problems although there is one left to be resolved. I tried very hard to realize what was causing me to have these “depression episodes” many of them were due to some chemical imbalance in my brain while some were due to the unresolved problem. But as I count my blessings I have come to realize I am very thankful for so many things in my life.

I have created here a list of reasons to stay alive. Some of them are crony and ridiculous but hey, it’s a start.

Take care!

  1. The smell of coffee in the morning.
  2. The sunrise.
  3. The sunset.
  4. Morning cuddles with your significant other.
  5. Passionate kisses.
  6. The smile of those you love.
  7. The smell of your favorite perfume or cologne.
  8. His/Her lovely laugh.
  9. The sound of crunching leaves in the fall.
  10. The sound of the ocean waves.
  11. Marrying your soulmate, the love of your life, your best friend.
  12. Driving through the city at night.
  13. Watching a baby learn to walk.
  14. Slobbery dog kisses.
  15. Dogs.
  16. Kitten cuddles.
  17. Listening to your favorite type of music.
  18. Watching your favorite artists live in concert.
  19. The taste of your favorite dessert.
  20. The warm feeling of the sun in the winter.
  21. Mountains filled with snow.
  22. The feeling of adrenaline after riding a rollercoaster.
  23. Reading Harry Potter for the first time.
  24. The smell of old books.
  25. Flowers blooming in spring.
  26. Meeting your favorite artists.
  27. Completing a life-long project.
  28. The cool breeze in the summer.
  29. Beaches.
  30. Watching the sunset at the beach.
  31. Hiking through the mountains.
  32. Traveling to a new city or town.
  33. Road trips.
  34. Seeing the world from inside the airplane.
  35. Photography.
  36. Seeing your son/daughter get married.
  37. Family reunions.
  38. The smell of cinnamon.
  39. The smell of the ocean breeze.
  40. Women’s or Men’s fashion.
  41. Your mom’s warm smile.
  42. Watching your favorite anime for the first time.
  43. Watching another video of your favorite YouTuber.
  44. Creating fan art.
  45. Being recognized for your work.
  46. Playing video games.
  47. Staying in bed all day.
  48. Birth of a child.
  49. Sleeping in.
  50. Counting down until the special event.
  51. Christmas songs.
  52. Halloween movies.
  53. Learning a new language.
  54. Horror games.
  55. Halloween.
  56. Capturing the perfect photo.
  57. Buying your first professional camera.
  58. Getting a perfect score on an exam.
  59. Game night with family/ friends.
  60. Your first kiss.
  61. Long hugs.
  62. The taste of chocolate.
  63. Hanging out with your best friend.
  64. Late night conversations.
  65. Confessing their love for you.
  66. Aquariums.
  67. Local street food.
  68. Fireworks at Disneyland.
  69. Leaving a toxic relationship.
  70. Classical music.
  71. Pieces of vinyl and record players.
  72. Painting on canvas.
  73. Writing in a journal.
  74. Landscape views from far away.
  75. Talking with your favorite co-worker.
  76. Having a crush on someone.
  77. The warm feeling of a blanket wrapped around you.
  78. Bonfires with friends.
  79. Hear the crackling sound of fire.
  80. Running your hands through someone’s soft hair.
  81. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, etc.
  82. Polaroid photos.
  83. Raising your pet.
  84. Gardening.
  85. Relaxing in a hot tub.
  86. Looking back at old memories.
  87. Family photos.
  88. Home videos.
  89. Being hired at your dream job.
  90. Writing a novel/ fan fiction/ graphic novel, etc.
  91. Listening to your favorite playlist.
  92. Sleeping in the car during the ride home.
  93. Coming home after a long day.
  94. Saying “I love you.”
  95. Therapy.
  96. Seeing yourself become a better person.
  97. Realizing you’re becoming happier.
  98. Knowing you matter to someone.
  99. Knowing you are enough.
  100. You

One of the reasons I am still here is to share the story on why I held on.

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