Illuminate Your Sorrow

I don’t mind being alone I just don’t like feeling alone.

I really like how I can relate to this quote because personally, I normally like spending a certain amount of time by myself it can be kind of peaceful at times. I mean being alone isn’t always that bad because sometimes I like to do things my own way and just relax for a moment without having to socialize for a little while.

Until it gets to the point where it can become…uncomfortable being alone with your mind.

The road to happiness is a bumpy one filled with many detours that will lead to so many destinations and who knows where you’ll end up but I just hope it is the one you are content with.

I have these fairy lights hanging by my window they have these little clips that hold the polaroid photos I made a promise to myself that if there is ever a night where I am at my absolute lowest and feel like I am just done…I’ll turn on those lights.

With that, it will show me the photos of my family and friends it will be a reminder showing me all of the people who truly care about me just as much as I love them dearly.

The holidays are coming so it’s time to send out as much love to our neighbors, our professors, our colleagues, even our beloved pets just to show them how much we truly care about them. I’m honestly so excited for Christmas I hope to be able to fly home to see the rest of my family and friends.

Take care,


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  1. Jugaaduwriter says:

    The very first line struck the chord. I also like being alone. But world around takes it as something negative and offer unneeded sympathy.

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