10 Things I Can’t Live Without!

In my lifetime I’ve moved to different houses about eight times and from what I’ve learned is the fact that my family can’t live in a single place for a long period of time. It gets pretty annoying since I have to throw so many of my belongings away just to make more space for the new place we move to.

Looking back at that I’ve been through I realize I shouldn’t get attached to the things I have…but now that I am here in my studio apartment with my dad I’d like to share a few things I brought with me that I knew I am going to take with me no matter where I go!

  1. My two books filled with notes. Inside are written ideas for my novel along with some short story prompts.

    2. Spotify playlist

I mean it’s not an item buuuut…I certainly can’t function without the music I listen to! It gives me the motivation I need to pump out some ideas for my novel and such. Like many people, I always have a song in my head even it’s a dumb catchy one I don’t know why but it just boosts my mood and makes me so much happier!

3. Camera

My precious beauty! Without my Canon, my life would be meaningless and so sad! Honestly, wherever I go even if it is out to do some errands I take my camera with me just in case I find a good opportunity to take photos.

Of course, I can’t forget about my polaroid camera! Whenever I have the chance to visit my family back in California I always make sure to take this precious little thing with me so I can have given my mom a small photo of me or my siblings. I am still waiting to be able to take some photos of my besties!

God, I miss them I hope they’re all doing well.


4. Laptop

Man, this MacBook has gone through so much! When my eldest sister went off to college in Monterrey Bay she gave me her laptop so I can use it for my first year in college. She’s had it since she was probably a junior in high school…which was a long time ago 2013 maybe?

I have EVERYTHING saved onto here some videos I’m editing, photos (obviously), but most importantly this laptop holds all of my 8 novels!! I am trying to find space in my USB drive to save them but it’s no use the file is too large. So, for now, I pray every night that this computer will be able to live to see another day because if I were to lose my stories (God forbid) I will cry.

I will cry and feel completely useless because this novel has been with me since I was 12 and now I’m 19 I am almost done with the series so don’t fail on me now!

Then again at this point, this laptop is getting pretty old it’s starting to overheat, die faster, and just slow down but I am so thankful it has held on for this long! Even as I type this blog while listening to Spotify it seems to be doing the best it can, which I am always grateful for.


5. Photographs


I am a sucker for nostalgia.

No matter how many times I move from place to place there will never be a wall that does not hold photos of my favorite people on this planet. The photos remind me that there really are people who love me for who I am.

The photos I hold holds so many memories, so many stories. It gives me another reason to stay alive which is for them knowing that even when we are hundreds of miles apart there’s always one item that holds a piece of them.

6. iPhone


I’d hate to admit it but like everyone around me in this day and age I carry my phone like my life depends on it. It’s the main object I use to talk to my family, check up on my friends, lurk through social media, listening to some juicy gossip, and check out the latest stupid memes.

Thanks to iCloud I hold about 2 thousand or so photos separated into two folders one is random photos of family and friends the other is photos I’ve taken while on my adventures with my trusty camera. So many memories

7. Journal


Journal…Diary call it what you want but I hold some books filled with my thoughts.

Uncensored, unfiltered, pure, raw thoughts I spilled onto so many pages. These pages hold how I really felt that day, how I feel now. I’ve got so many secrets that I’ve told my little book it’s all thanks to this group of people who came to my middle school I think it was a suicide prevention type of thing. They gave every student a blank notebook to write down your thoughts, feelings, etc. And that’s where it began.



To this day, I have been documenting my memories since 2012 although lately, I haven’t been writing anything down since I don’t have time to go out anywhere anymore now that I started working, which kind of sucks.

I think eventually I’ll have something worth wild to write…

8.  Record Player/ Vinyls

Over the past few months, I have been obsessed with collecting vinyls so when I went over to Barnes & Nobel I decided to get a record player!

I knew exactly which vinyl I wanted to buy, which was Sleeping At Last’s Atlas: Space (Deluxe)” let me just say that after everything that I had ever bought online that one was one of the best purchase I have ever made!


The next few weeks I’ve been hunting down any vinyl shops that might be in Salt Lake City and luckily I did find plenty! I can’t recall what the shop was called but I bought “Blurryface” by Twenty One Pilots, “Death Of A Bachelor” by Panic! At The Disco and “Sacred Hearts Club” by Foster the People.


Towards the end of August, an independent artist Emma Blackery had finally released her album called “Villains” and I knew I had to have it!

9. Sketchbook

I’ve always been such a passionate person for the arts! Although for the past several years I’ve been slacking off on drawing, painting, and sketching that I started to see my art skills becoming less impressive than before. Though wherever I go I know I will squeeze in some time to doodle anything at catches my attention or whatever comes into my mind.




Whether I’m on the road or at home, I make sure to keep my art supplies in my bag along with a sketchbook to keep my company while I am on my travels.

10. Flash Drive

This item is a bit unexpected. One of the main reasons I can’t live without it is the fact that it holds every single one of the stories that I have yet created. As mentioned earlier, although my laptop holds them I am not taking any chances and I must never lose them!

Who knew something so small could hold my entire life’s work.

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