Beautiful Lullaby

For the past few weeks it’s been getting much cloudier, colder, and raining more here in Park City and honestly, I’ve been loving every second of it! This truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

During this time, I mostly listen to slower and mellow songs though one artist in particular I always put on repeat that artist is Ryan O’Neal who goes by Sleeping At Last. His music is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever listened to in my entire life!

So consider this more of an appreciation post!


Oh by the way! For those who are Grey’s Anatomy fans did you know? That his songs have appeared multiple times on some of that show’s episodes. His latest song “Someone To Watch Over Me” just came out recently so make sure to listen out when watching the show.

Down below I will add in some of my favorite songs at the moment from him.

These are just a few songs from the huge list I have.


Anyway, when I listen to these songs it instantly puts me in such a good relaxing mood it makes my bad days so much better. Also, it has helped me focus on my novel along with coming up with more ideas which is always amazing!

About a month ago, I was looking through the shop and came across some vinyls, which I have been dying to look for since I’ve also recently bought a record player and now that I am now starting a vinyl collection I thought about buying Atlas: Space (Deluxe) and so I did!

Man, when I opened the package it was one of the greatest purchases I have ever made! The vinyl itself is so beautiful and colorful! I wanted to cry! It has such an amazing design on the cover along with the inside. So now I am waiting for my next paycheck from work to buy the album Atlas: Year One.

It seems like Ryan is always putting out so many songs so quickly like how do you do it? What drives you to create so many of these beautiful songs? I mean if I were to meet Ryan one day (and I hope I do) I would love to thank him for everything. His music has helped me with my depression, anxiety, and paranoia it’s one perfect stress reliever that can put me to sleep peacefully.


If Sleeping At Last goes touring again one day you bet that I am going to be there. But for now I am waiting patiently for that time to come though if it doesn’t come anytime soon then at least I have these albums to keep close to my heart.


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