Everything Will Be Alright

It’s nearly been almost half a year since I’ve left California and since then I can’t believe how much I’ve actually changed. I noticed myself becoming more appreciative of what I’ve got, I mean, I’ve always been grateful for everything I’ve been given and what I currently have, but honestly after meeting so many different people I’ve been feeling content with everything lately. Though I understand if some of this doesn’t make sense at the moment.

I am also thankful for always being able to catch a plane back home and always having a place to stay whenever I choose to go visit my family. I know they’ll always be there to welcome me home with open arms.


As I get older, I am pushing myself to become more of a social person since I have been more of an introvert my entire life. The thing is I’ve been considered a very shy person because of how quiet I am but in reality the reason I’m so silent is because I don’t know how to keep up a conversation, let alone how to start one. I’ve always had a tendency of thinking I am bothering that person or wasting their time just by talking to them though it seems obvious to s

ome people that they don’t mind me talking to them. They just want me to feel comfortable.


Ever since I started working I forced myself to let go of my old ways and just open up to people more be more like how I really should be, which is talkative. It’s a work in progress, but hey at least I am trying. Luckily, the people I am working alongside with are so easy to talk to and very welcoming people it made me let my guard down and just speak my mind they make me feel comfortable enough to show my real side.


I have my entire life ahead of me. Along with so many opportunities and events that are out there waiting for me! All it seems like I’ve got to do is loosen up and show them who I really am. Then maybe, just maybe I can settle down with my studies then see where this journey is going to take me.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!


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