City Life

For twelve-or actually nineteen years of my life I grew up in the sunny side of California, which was the good ol’ Los Angeles or known as the “City of Angels”. Though recently, about six months ago I moved from the west coast to Utah and as much as I love the beautiful scenery and cool weather I really do miss listening to the sound of cars passing by whenever I was wide awake at night, or watching people walk by just going about their day, or even just sitting there enjoying the lovely sunset outside my childhood neighborhood.

Ah, I can see some old memories flashing before my eyes as I type this. Pretty funny actually. Though I do have to admit although there were some parts of my childhood that was pretty hectic I think I had a decent life living in LA. Living in a two bedroom/ one bath apartment it would feel crowded but I liked it for some reason. My neighbors were alright (well except for two of them they were…cruel) anyway, as I got older I have grown accustomed to being around crowds of people along with streets congested with heavy traffic. Which was always fun (sarcasm).


Now that I live literally 12-13 hours away (driving distance) from my hometown I try to go there as often as I can to see my friends and family, but since plane tickets are not agreeing with me it’s been getting hard for me to go visit. Plus, unfortunately, when I do end up flying over there I don’t get to stay long at most I would stay for about three days since I work night shifts now which is alright I guess, but I miss my freedom.


Though while I am there I do everything I can to take as many photos as possible so I can keep my portfolio up to date. I definitely enjoy photographing the city landscapes or the buildings, but mostly from high places. My family lives close to DTLA so it has been pretty simple for me to move around so I can find many good shots of the people walking around, passing traffic, etc. Normally I would try to take candid photos of random people but I don’t know…I feel weird doing that without them knowing you know?


One of my go-to place I will always enjoy going to is definitely the California Science Center and Exposition Garden! My passion of the sciences began the moment I had stepped foot inside the museum. Seeing all the amazing exhibits they had to offer back then was astonishing. Even now they have included so many new things that museum never gets old it makes me feel safe and at home. Another place would be Universal Studios City Walk I do have to admit how aesthetically pleasing everything is! Every once in a while I have gotten great shots of that place and enjoyed every moment while going to the amusement park.


Overtime, there have been so many songs about LA like:

However, recently Panic! At The Disco’s “Dying In LA” caught my attention for some reason. I mean, honestly, I’ve always been a fan of his music, but just listening to the sweet beautiful melody of the piano while paying attention to the lyrics it made me feel nostalgic and brought back old memories which filled my heart with content. There’s this song lyric that goes like this

The moment you arrived they built you up
The sun was in your eyes
You couldn’t believe it
Riches all around, you’re walking
Stars are on the ground
You start to believe it

Every face along the boulevard is a dreamer just like you
You looked at death in a tarot card and you saw what you had to do […]
Just this part had me nearly crying because of how beautiful the song really is. Everyone believes that when you move to LA you are expected to become the “next big thing” but in reality it takes so much sacrifice, dedication, and someone who is willing to listen. Not everyone who moves there will become successful in Hollywood there are some who are going to get up and fall so hard but it is you who will determine how far you are willing to go.

IMG_1070Well, I hope you enjoyed reading and liked the photos! I’ll be trying to figure out what to post on here or share with you all. Anywho! I hope you all have a wonderful evening or whatever time zone you’re in!


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