Going Away

Eventually everyone is going to leave.

All those good times you’ve (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) all spent together will maybe become a forgotten memory. Those late night conversations where you thought would last forever is eventually going to end when you least expect it. People grow apart little by little sometimes you’ll notice the signs of them becoming distant or sometimes you get cut off-

Just like that.

Either those you loved will go their own ways or they will leave you behind and go on with their lives without you. The fear of starting over and having to find new people to talk to will never become easy for someone who is more of an introvert, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to open up and become more social.


Then again…maybe we’re just over thinking all of this.

Maybe we’re just making ourselves feel worse about it and we’re seeing this totally the opposite. You see, everyone is going to leave at some point though after everything you’ve been through for the past couple of years might mean nothing or something in the future. It’s your choice to let those memories decay or let it become another great story to tell.

Remember you can’t force them to stay if they don’t want to it’ll only make you feel guilty for making them become the person you thought they would never be. Let them go if it is necessary and learn to live again by trying to forget the past and learn to take better care of yourself. Yes, it is going to hurt so bad but with time it’ll start to hurt less and less then eventually that pain will go away…

The worst part about this? Neither of you decided to say goodbye. But when you’re wide awake at night and lay there thinking about what went wrong or what you did to deserve this. Just shut your eyes and let yourself fall into the black void. Because believe me you’re going to be alright if you just breathe.



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